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About Us

Discover the heart and soul behind ARC. Join us on our mission to change lives, one recovery at a time.

Who We Are

What Drives Us to Provide the Best Addiction Treatment?

You are not defined by your addiction. We believe in the potential of each person. Therefore, we aim to provide comprehensive, patient-centered care that empowers you to live your best life, alcohol and drug free.

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Guiding Principles

Our Core Values

At American Recovery Center, we envision a world where recovery is embraced, understood, and accessible to all. Our commitment to this vision is evident in the principles that shape our approach.


Maintaining ethical standards and transparency in all our interactions.


Prioritizing compassion and understanding in every patient's journey.


Fostering a cooperative environment for comprehensive treatment and recovery.


Upholding the dignity and worth of every individual in our care.


Guided by Purpose, Driven by Passion

Our strong dedication to universal recovery fuels our mission. With purpose guiding and passion driving us, we’re committed to making this vision a reality.

Universal Access

We strive to make our exceptional recovery services accessible to everyone, regardless of background or circumstance.

Holistic Healing

We incorporate a natural, comprehensive, and integrative approach to address all aspects of a person's wellness in our treatments.

Continuous Innovation

Guided by the latest research, we're constantly refining our methods to offer cutting-edge treatments that truly make a difference.

Become Part of the ARC Family

From humble beginnings in Burbank, CA, American Recovery Center has flourished into a beacon of hope and recovery. With numerous success stories to our name, we’ve always been at the forefront of therapeutic innovation, adapting and growing based on the latest research and feedback. Are you ready to embark on a journey of sobriety, self-discovery, and transformation with us?