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Insurance Verification

Ensure a smooth transition to recovery by confirming your insurance coverage ahead of time.

Why Should I Verify My Insurance?

Listing your insurance details upfront can illuminate your recovery path, minimize unforeseen challenges, and give you a clear start to your healing journey. Here’s why this step matters:

Transparent Costs

Understanding your coverage helps avoid unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.

Maximize Benefits

Identify and utilize all benefits available through your insurance plan.

Smooth Admission

Speed up the admissions process with readily available insurance information.

Accepted Insurance Options

Don’t see your insurance provider? No worries, you may still be covered. 

Steps For Insurance Verification

Gather Your Information

Keep your insurance card handy. You’ll need the Member ID, Group Number, and Provider Phone Number.

Fill Out the Form

Provide all the requested details in the verification form on this page. Your information remains confidential and secure with us.

Await Our Response

Our dedicated team will review the information, liaise with your insurance provider, and get back to you promptly with the results.


If there are any clarifications or additional details needed, we’ll arrange a call to discuss further.

Secure Verification Form

    Ease Your Journey

    Navigating the world of health insurance can be daunting, especially when you’re seeking treatment. At ARC, we believe in simplifying this process for you.

    Utilize our user-friendly process to verify your insurance coverage and get clarity on the services you can access without any financial surprises. Rest assured, your information is secure, and protecting your privacy is our top priority.