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Inpatient Detox

Inpatient detox is a supervised medical process where individuals withdraw from addictive substances in a controlled environment.

Your Journey to Sobriety Starts Now

Your Recovery Starts With Expert Detox Support

Discover hope and healing at ARC’s Inpatient Detox Program. Our experienced team provides personalized, compassionate detox services. Your safety is our top priority.

A Medical Practitioner Showing a Patient Paper as part of inpatient detox.

What You Can Expect

Thorough Evaluation & Planning

Through a comprehensive substance abuse evaluation, we devise a personalized detox and post-detox plan. 

Focused Medical

With 24/7 medical supervision and proactive withdrawal management, we ensure your safety and comfort at all times.

Integrated Therapeutic Support

We combine medical detox with therapeutic interventions, targeting both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction.

The Power of Structure in Recovery

ARC’s inpatient rehab for drugs and alcohol in Burbank, CA offers structured support crucial for effective addiction treatment. We provide a stable routine, enhancing the recovery process and allowing you to focus on your goals.

Start Your Recovery Off Right

Inpatient Detox Benefits

Our inpatient detox center sets the stage for a brighter, sober future by providing a safe haven, expert care, and a supportive community. Residential treatment is often the next step.

Comprehensive Support

From medical care to emotional guidance, our team provides a 360-degree support system, eliminating your fears and worries.

Community & Stability

To unlock the power of community, we create a stable environment that gives the support you need.

Long-Term Recovery

Our focus extends beyond detox, preparing you for sustained recovery and a fulfilling life post-treatment.

Insights about Detoxification

Detoxification is our body’s natural process of eliminating toxins. During alcohol and drug detox, withdrawal symptoms occur as the substance leaves the system. This is the body striving to regain its normal state of functioning without the substance.

Detox can trigger intense withdrawal symptoms, some of which can be life-threatening. Medical supervision ensures these symptoms are managed properly, reducing risk and increasing comfort.

Every individual’s addiction journey is unique, affecting how they experience detox. Tailored plans consider these differences, enhancing effectiveness and providing a more comfortable detox experience.

Detox addresses the physical aspects of addiction, but therapy is crucial to handle psychological dependencies. Therapeutic support during detox can help manage emotional withdrawal symptoms and prepare for long-term recovery.

Take the Next Step with Us

With all the information at your fingertips, take the decisive step towards a brighter, addiction-free future with ARC.